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Funeral Grants

If death is the result of an injury, ACC can help with the costs of burial or cremation and related ceremonies. This grant can be for New Zealanders and overseas visitors, and the funeral need not be in New Zealand. The grant can be used for memorial costs if no body is recovered.

View ACC to find out more – or talk to someone at Academy Funeral Directors.

Work and Income New Zealand also have funeral grants available. This can cover some costs when a loved one has died. Click on WINZ to find out more – or talk to us.

Air New Zealand offers compassionate airfares to immediate family needing to change existing bookings or those living out of town needing to travel to another centre for a funeral service.
There is a reduction on full or higher priced fares but not on some lower priced fares below the compassionate airfare level.

Typically you would apply for a refund after travelling, supplying the necessary documentation.

This service extends to all main centers around New Zealand where there is a registered funeral firm.
Call us on (03) 343 0919 and talk to us as soon as you can to help with Funeral Grants.

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